Monday, January 28, 2008

Privatisation - A Socialist Plot

I seem to remember recently being upbraided for describing the current government as slightly to the right on the political spectrum. And then, I read this piece in today's Guardian and wondered how on earth anyone could seriously suggest we are living under a socialist government:

The prime minister has defended the accreditation of in-company qualifications after it was announced that staff at McDonald's could gain the equivalent of an A-level in burger bar management.

The fast food giant, Network Rail and the airline Flybe are the first three companies to win government approval to become an exam board.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has approved a pilot "basic shift manager" course, which will train staff in everything they need to run a McDonald's outlet, from marketing to human resources and customer service skills.

The budget airline Flybe will start piloting their "airline trainer programme" in the summer, which will cover everything from engineering to cabin crew training.

And so the corporate take-over of our education system continues at a fearless pace. Privatisation and socialism eh? How anyone could suggest that this country is a socialist enclave and yet keep a straight face is beyond me.