Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Government - They are, like, soooo Socialist, right?

Mmmm, it would seem that those far-right agitators at Biased BBC are under the impression we are living under a socialist government. No, really. I'm serious. Stop giggling at the back, these poor souls need help. Martin is one particularly desperate case. Here is his response to the idea that the Labour government is right-wing (which any fool knows). Brace yourself now:


Anyone who thinks this is a right wing Government is a loon of the first class.

This vile administration has taken us into two wars, it has racked up taxes, it has crushed the white middle classes under the heel of its "multi culturism" crap, it has allowed millions of immigrants to flood into our Country, it is allowing millions of people to lard arese around on benefits so long as they get their fat arses down to a polling station (they don't even have to do that now as we have the corrupt postal voting system) and while I'm on the subject of voting, we used to have the most honest system on the planet, now thanks to this corrupt bunch of vile Socialists our voting system is probably the most corrupt of any western democracy (I notice the BBC didn't bother to investigate the fraud after the last election here, but keeps going on about the US election in 2000 with idiots like Greg Palast appearing on Newsnight)

Then we have crime, totally our of control because of liberal left wing values, the harassment of ordinary hard working people and the extortion of fines for minor motiring offences whilst rapists, child molesters and murderers are relased back into society (so they vote Labour one assumes)

Then we have ID cards. Yet another way for this crap corrupt Government to keep their little fat hands on our data.

Oh and the preachers of hate from the "great religion of peace" who were allowed to preach their evil on our streets for years WITH Police protection just so they didn't lose their beloved "Moozlum" vote.

Then we have the unfairness of Scottish MP's voting on affairs in England but no reciprical arrangement for English MP's.

Then we have the education system, once the finest in the world, now most kids are abandoned to "bog standard" comps (unless your name is Tony Blair, Harriet Harman or Diane Abbot of course)

Jesus I could go on for hours about this bunch of left wing *****.

The BBC support this bunch of tools because they believe in the liberal views and they need to arse lick the party most likely to keep renewing the licence fee.
Martin 15.01.08 - 11:10 pm #

Mmmm. Take particular note to the comment about war. Because, as we all know, right-wing governments never start wars.