Monday, January 28, 2008

Silver Lining in Zimbabwe

So it appears that even Mugabe isn't all that bad:

Nicholas van Hoogstraten, the British property tycoon who is close to the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, is expected to appear before Harare magistrates today on charges of breaking foreign exchange laws and possessing pornographic pictures of himself having sex with a Zimbabwean woman.

Van Hoogstraten, 63, was arrested on Thursday night apparently after tenants who were evicted for failing to pay rent in advance in foreign currency, which is illegal under Zimbabwean law, complained to the police.

Officers searched his home and said they found the equivalent of about £25,000 in foreign currency, in breach of exchange laws, most of it in US dollars and South African rand, as well as 20bn Zimbabwe dollars, worth about £1,700 on the black market.

Such a shame.