Monday, March 03, 2008

Iain Dale - The Blogging Equivalent of The Emperor's New Clothes

I've never had much time for Iain Dale. He always seemed to be such a smug Tory bastard. That and the fact that he seemed to have nominated himself as spokesperson for UK political bloggers (not to mention that he is the very embodiment of all I hate round my neck of the woods). Quite simply, the rise of Dale has meant that a fall was inevitable and at some point people would realise his grasp on politics is weak to say the least. Hence his contribution to Comment is Free:

Yes they can?

Barack Obama and David Cameron have a lot in common: they're both young men in a hurry, facing opponents who were the future once

Yes, this piece was an attempt by Dale to draw some kind of parallel between Cameron and Obama. Now, I would be the first to admit that there is little real difference between any of the four major parties split between the US and the UK, but this smacks of desperation somewhat (nothing to do with the Tories failing to capitalise on Labour's misfortunes??). Perhaps, with articles such as this, Dale might finally be found out.

Even more interestingly, after receiving a well deserved ridiculing from readers of CiF, Dale posted the following on his website:

Oh dear, I seem to have upset the esteemed readers of COMMENT IS FREE. Last week, my Telegraph column was supposed to have been about what David Cameron can learn from Barack Obama. Sadly, it got overtaken by events and I was asked to write about Andrew Lansley instead. Anyway, rather than let a provocative column go to waste, I thought what better use to make of it than to wind up the Obama supporting fanatics of The Guardian. Judging from the comments beneath the article, I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Read the full column HERE.

Yes, seems rather like the response you would expect from a teenager doesn't it?? "Oh, I was only doing to wind them up." Indeed. Truly, Dale's blog is the very definition of the Emperor's new clothes.......and we can all see his winkle.