Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fascism on the March in Switzerland

I could not believe what I saw on the Swiss People's Party website, thanks to an article on eitb:

A video game at the Swiss People's Party’s web site involves helping a white goat kicking the black sheep from the country. The campaign posters feature three white sheep including one kicking a black sheep.

A white goat called Zottel kicks some black sheep trying to pass the Swiss border on foot or by bus. You might not believe it but it is a
video game at the Swiss People's Party’s web site.

I decided to visit their website and investigate this 'game' for myself. On entering their website and clicking the appropriate link, I was confronted with this image-

Now, if you have been following their campaign, you would know that the 'white sheep' is aiming his crossbow at the 'black sheep', an absolutely disgusting, vile image to use as part of an election campaign. If you thought Bush, Blair and Howard were bad, these guys aren't even wolves in sheep's clothing....they are just wolves. Fascism is on the march in Europe once more, thankfully some people are prepared to confront it. Question is, when our governments are quick to (rightly) condemn fascist governments further afield, will they see fit to condemn one closer to home?