Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three Thousand People Detained by Military Junta in Burma As Media Go Elsewhere.....

Reports are suggesting that the figure for detainees in Burma is way above the original estimate given by Amnesty International. According to the Herald Sun:

State media also gave a sharply higher figure for the number of people who were detained in connection with the protests, saying 2927 had been locked up around the country and 468 remained behind bars.

Earlier state media had indicated about 2100 people had been arrested.

The newspaper said security forces were continuing to make arrests, despite a statement last week by the UN Security Council demanding the release of all political prisoners.

"Some are still (being) called in for questioning, and those who should be released will be released,'' the paper said.

That this has happened with barely a murmur is totally unacceptable. Real pressure needs to be put on the Burmese dictatorship to ensure that these people are released without charge immediately. As the Burmese uprising drops from the national consciousness, people will continue to suffer at the hands of this despicable regime. That there are no cameras recording the abuses does not mean that it is not still happening.