Monday, October 08, 2007

The Fight Against Fascism Hits The Streets of Berne

Protesters came out onto the streets at the week-end in order to protest against the Swiss People's Party, whose recent racist campaign for the upcoming election, has placed it on the verge of electoral victory. There is a very real danger that an extremist, far-right political party could once again take power in mainland Europe. Their advertising campaign has already made it quite clear that they intend to demonise immigrants and force their removal. And their fascist campaigning is already being studied by neo-Nazi groups in Germany. Quite frankly, they deserve whole-hearted support in their efforts to smash the far-right, not the kind of demonisation that has been utilised by the mainstream media. Fascism is on the march and the right-wing are staying quiet, distracting everyone's attention with the pseudo-threat that is organised international Islamic terrorism. The lessons have not been learnt.