Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alan Johnston's Release - A Vast Conspiracy Say Biased BBC

So at last, Alan Johnston has been released from captivity at the hands of the Army of Islam. A rare opportunity to revel in some good news. The news of his release prompted me to have a look at the response on Biased BBC, a website dedicated to exposing the BBC's supposed 'left-wing bias'. It was on Biased BBC that one commentator once claimed that he would believe the kidnap was genuine once he had proof, like 'serious torture marks or his dislocated head on a Hamas plate.' In the light of such comments, it was interesting to see how they would view Johnston's release.

Earlier today, there was a post commenting on the news of Johnston's release, offering words of relief that Johnston was released unharmed. Strangely, by the time of writing this post, the piece had vanished altogether. Perhaps this is unsurprising given the nature of some of the commentors. The view of many of the readers of Biased BBC is best summed up by a comment on another thread:


Something about the Alan Johnston affair stinks to high heaven. I entirely agree that this 'kidnapping' was staged. A propaganda stunt was pulled here.

Well done Alistair Crook!

Battersea 04.07.07 - 5:16 am #

Yes, apparently his kidnapping was part of a vast conspiracy (an argument also put forward by yet another Biased BBC commentator, 'bijan daneshmand'). No matter that the family of Mr Johnston have gone through untold suffering throughout his ordeal, some sick soul has the nerve to claim that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Is there any lower that this foul minded site could possibly sink? With comments such as these, it is little wonder that the original Alan Johnston post was pulled. After all, Biased BBC wouldn't want to be tarred as a bunch of far-right conspiracy theorists, would they?

Biased BBC - a conspiracy theorist's utopia.
UPDATE: There must have been a problem with my browser, you can still see their post of joy at the release of Alan Johnston with all the comments still attached. Shame they didn't show their support by adding a button from the BBC website but you can't have everything, right?