Monday, May 28, 2007

They Just Get Madder

If there was any doubt as to the conspiracy theories that reside at Biased BBC, here is a prime example:

bijan daneshmand:
Expect a BBC "Gift" From Hamas Soon

The more I search online ... the more its clear that the "kidnapping" of Alan Johnston is a sham.
So far no one has seems to have been willing to report this ... with the WSJ ... coming closest to calling a spade a spade.

Taking a leaf from the Islamic Republic's Hostage taking play book ... iraq.html

Hamas is preparing a "Gift" to the British ... 864144.html

that is already paying big dividends ... allowing Hamas to disseminate its propaganda in the UK ... to a naive public ... as part of its attempt to sideline moderates.


its working a treat ... at Hay on Wye for instance we have ...

"William Sieghart concluded by saying that he believed that you have to get the "extremes to the table". If you want a peace process that will work. Olmert and Abu Mazen chatting, he suggested, gets you nowhere. In light of Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley's moment, "who remembers David Trimble and John Hume?"

.... the real UNREPORTED scandal is that Arabist elements in the British FO and MI6 are possibly in cahoots with Hamas on Johnstons "kidnapping" ... which may well be nothing more than a media stunt ... devised by the FO & BBC for Hamas as a means of increasing Hamas leverage within the UK ....

this is part of a longstanding effort to cosy up to radical Islam g_fco...limbrother.html

the unsavory character behind part of this effort is the suitably named MI6 operative Alaistair Crooke ... a longstanding advocate of the Islamic Republic, and its sponsored terror arms ... Hamas, and Hezbollah israel...1370861,00.html

more of this agent's repugnant views here author=2456

i predict that Johnston will be released amid much back slapping and hugging between Hamas, BBC, and Foreign Office officials.

The losers in this charade will be the "moderate" Palestinians, the Egyptian Government, Israel, and the British public who as usual will be well and truely duped again ... thanks to the BBC ...

Subverting the interests of the United Kingdom in favour of Radical Islam ... its what we do

bijan daneshmand 28.05.07 - 2:24 pm

Yes, they are even willing to make capital out of the kidnapping of a BBC journalist. No matter what the family are going through at this time. And they had the cheek to have a go at me for mentioning one of their numbers dead mother. They truly are sick, conspiracy obsessed loonies.