Friday, June 01, 2007

Biased BBC - Attack Alan Johnston

Just when you thought that the extremists at Biased BBC couldn't go any lower, they go and surprise you. Despite the suffering of Alan Johnston's family, one commenter is happy enough to stick the boot in. Gary Powell is a regular contributor to the pages of Biased BBC, indulging in various accusations of bias and conspiracy theories. His latest comment is possibly the sickest yet. Yes, despite the ongoing suffering of the Johnston family, Powell had this to say:

In fact it is not behond [sic] the witts [sic] or political affiliations of Mr Johnson to have staged his own kiddnapping [sic] with Hamas in the first place. An opinion that I will hold untill [sic] I see evidence to indicate otherwise. Like serious torture marks or his dislocated head on a Hamas plate.

Yes, you did not read that last line wrong, Powell wants to see Johnston's head on a plate. Any pretence of a serious blog dedicated to providing reasonable criticism of the BBC's editorial policy is completely blown out the water. This is not a blog that any reasonable person can hope to take seriously, infested as it is with vile extremists who call for the execution of journalists in the name of their own twisted conspiracy theories. No, this is a blog that aims to be taken seriously, but falls short time after time.