Monday, April 23, 2007

The Right Are Scared

And here's why:

Now, put aside the fact that the actor in film is wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and is apparently off to join the Labour party (surely that should be a picture of Thatcher??) and the lack of hard facts, and what are you left with? Visual evidence that the right (particularly the fruitcakes at Biased BBC) are scared about the BBC spreading to America. And why are they scared? Because they want a world dominated by faceless corporations controlling our media who are unanswerable to the public.

Now, I accept that the BBC aren't perfect, but at least there is a simple procedure to complain about the service that is offered by the broadcaster. If you go to their homepage, and scroll to the bottom, you see this:

See? Nice and simple. Sky (the perfect example of the corporate owned media outlet) on the other hand, is not so easy. When you look at their website, in a similar place, you get this (you may need to click on the image to see it better):

When you click on the 'Contact Sky News' link, you get this:

No complaints section there. So, now let's compare the two media outlets when they do receive a complaint.

A few months ago, I blogged about the chemical explosives find in Burnley that wasn't covered by any of the major media outlets. As a result of the negligence by the mainstream media, I decided to contact the BBC and other outlets to complain about the lack of coverage of this story. The following, is the reply I received from the BBC:

Not entirely satisfactory, but a response nonetheless. Now, what about Sky:

Just a shite old generic email. No effort whatsoever, no personal reply, nada. Welcome to the world of the corporate media. You have no say at all. Well, unless you are a wealthy sponsor or a shareholder, otherwise, what right have you got to complain? None. And this is the world the fruitcakes want us to live in. Truly they are bastards. At least with the BBC you get a response.

Anyway, going back to the video, is the BBC really biased against America? I'll leave you with the words of the BBC's Washington correspondent, Justin Webb:

One of the great features of the anti-American mindset is the blotting out of the positive and the accentuating of the negative.

Yes Washington has been concerned first and foremost with US self interest, but much of South America's infrastructure - its social services such as they are - is in place because the Yankees put it there.

Trade between north and south is huge: Venezuela alone sells $39bn worth of oil a year to the United States. And millions and millions of Latin Americans benefit every day from the powerhouse US economy - from relatives cleaning cars in Los Angeles, making beds in Las Vegas and picking fruit in rural Georgia. They send money home to places where economic development is stymied by corruption and government interference. [emphasis mine]