Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exciting News Revealed

So, here's the news. In an earlier post I had written about my upcoming return to university and the lack of blogging that was likely to result. Consequently, I have been looking for people to make a contribution to ensure that the blog would continue during my period of occasional blogging. It is my pleasure to announce that RickB, from Ten Percent, has joined Mask of Anarchy and will be contributing posts from now on.

RickB has helped me a lot in the past few months, particularly with the development of the David Hicks YouTube video. He has also been doing a lot of work building links up with Iranian blogs in an effort to cut through the propaganda and get to the 'real' Iran (via Iran Blogapalooza). As such, I am really looking forward to this partnership and I am excited about the prospect of having a new contributor on board to share the load. RickB will be contributing his first post in the very near future, so keep reading!

If anyone else would like to contribute posts to Mask of Anarchy, please email me using the link in the sidebar. All applications will be carefully considered!!

Thanks and welcome RickB.