Monday, February 19, 2007

Araujo Quits

As expected, Maria Consuelo Araujo has resigned from her post as Foreign Minister. Her resignation follows the arrest of her brother and the investigation of her father. There was no chance in hell that she would be allowed to hold the position when Colombia depends on the US for support. Any dealings with the US government would seriously undermine Bush's 'War on Terror', and that cannot be allowed to happen given Colombia's vital role in halting the spread of left-wing leaders in the region.

Now the attention focuses on Uribe. At the moment his poll rating is high, but if this scandal escalates, it could bring down his entire administration. No government can function when it has been infiltrated by terrorists. And it is clear that his judgement is questionable at best when he appoints those that are implicated in para-military activities. Uribe should step down and fresh elections should be called. That is the only way that the people of Colombia can regain their faith in a system riddled with corruption.