Monday, February 19, 2007

The Conspiracy Fraud

Last night, BBC2 broadcast a documentary on the conspiracy theories surrounding September 11th (go to YouTube and search for 'Loose Change'). A well researched piece, it attempted to dismantle the various conspiracies one by one. Now, I have always been fascinated by some of these theories, not because I believe them, I just find them interesting as a proposition. After all, our governments have a history of lying to the general public, as recent events have proven.

However, the point where I lose interest, is with the conspiracy theorists claim that there was some kind of Jewish plot behind the attacks. Some of them actually believe that Mossad were behind the attacks and made efforts to ensure that 4,000 Jews didn't go to work that day. The very idea of this theory is absurd and dangerous in equal measure. Unsurprisingly, this myth is perpetuated by anti-Semites across the globe. There is no factual basis for this allegation whatsoever, by suggesting it as fact, the theorists are pandering to the extremists. Sadly, if we want to live in a world where people can freely express their views, there will always be a lunatic fringe who seek to take advantage.

There is no doubt that September 11th actually happened. There is no doubt that the tragic events of that day led to the loss of life of thousands of innocent people. There is no doubt that those events changed the world forever. Unfortunately, all these conspiracy theorists achieve (alongside their anti-Semitic views) is a distraction from the real conspiracy surrounding those days. The conspiracy that occurred after the event. The conspiracy by those in power to cover-up their short comings and their undoubted negligence. That is the real conspiracy behind September 11th, NOT the anti-Semitic fantasies of a few extremists.