Friday, October 27, 2006

Police Change Story About Chemical Find

The Muslim News yesterday carried a story about the chemical explosives find that has been ignored by the majority of the media, particularly some right-wing bloggers concerned with the 'terrorist threat'. According to the newspaper, the police claimed that the:

Already, the story has shifted from being the largest find to the 'largest in Lancashire'. Quite a difference, as I suspect that there has been very little chemical explosives found in Lancashire in the past. This is all part of an attempt by the establishment to close ranks to enable the public to focus on the real 'threat', that of radical Muslims. These attempts by the establishment are not without precedence. After conducting a mass bombing spree throughout London, David Copeland was charged with murder rather than terrorism, despite the blatant evidence to the contrary. It will be interesting to see how the media report this case when it comes to court early next year. One should imagine that, by then, it will turn out to be a big fuss over nothing.