Thursday, October 26, 2006

US Attempted to Silence Europe Over 'Rendition' Flights

The front page of The Guardian today reports that the CIA tried to persuade Germany not to protest about the human rights record of Morocco, an ally of the US in the 'war on terror'. According to the report, the CIA offered Germany access to one of its citizens as long as the German government co-operated and averted 'pressure from the EU' against human rights abuses in the North African country. The CIA describes Morocco as being a "valuable partner in the fight against terrorism". Once again, the American government ignore human rights abuses in their 'war on terror', but then why should we be surprised? The American government has trampled over every basic human right over the past few years. If another nation behaved in such a manner, it wouldn't take much to work out what would happen.

Of particular note in this report is the fact that Prestwick airport seems to be the airport of choice for all rendition flights. The airport is fast becoming associated with all kinds of human rights abuses, particularly after the delivery of cluster bombs to Israel. It is clear, if it wasn't already, that the US and the UK governments are prepared to not only abandon human rights in their own country, they are also prepared to allow human rights abuses continue in states that are sympathetic to the 'war on terror'. Furthermore, our continual efforts to support such states is adding fuel to the fire of those who wish to see an end to Western interference in their affairs. The more we offer support to countries that have appalling human rights records (particularly predominantly Sunni countries) the more support that Bin Laden will gain for his cause. Until we accept this basic fact, the problem will continue to exist. But then, perhaps that is what they want.