Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Three Point Plan for 4x4 Drivers

If there is one group of people I truly hate, it is 4x4 owners. What a complete waste of human DNA the urban 4x4 driver is. I have often thought they should suffer sky high tax rates for polluting the environment and being a general pest. However, I have drawn up a three point plan for all you committed 4x4ers out there.

  1. Sell your evil little machine
  2. Buy a farm - at least your gas guzzling environment destroyer will have a purpose
  3. Get some rubber tubing. Attach it to the exhaust pipe on your car. Run the pipe into the car. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Switch on the engine. Take frequent long, deep breaths. Pass out.

Now you can choose any of those three methods. I would, however, urge you to take option 3. Go on, suck on a tail pipe and help save the planet by extinguishing your worthless life.