Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blair Promotes Pliable Beckett?

There has been much talk in the press of Jack Straw being removed from the Foreign Office due to his views on Iran. The perception is that Beckett is more likely to bend to the will of Bush and Blair. Certainly, that would appear to be the case. She has refused to proclaim that it is inconceivable, a worrying shift in rhetoric. Furthermore, her record in parliament suggests she is rather more concerned with the 'War on Terror' than Jack Straw. This is clearly an area the US would be keen to exploit. Their own rhetoric on the 'war on terror' would benefit from yet another voice supporting action across the world to combat terrorism and the supporters of terrorism (which would include Iran in their eyes). I think we can expect Beckett to take a more hardline approach with the Iranian government. The rhetoric is building to it's obvious conclusion once more.

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