Monday, April 17, 2006

Terror Alerts Proposed for UK

Another day, another step closer to state controlled fear. There are plans to use a terror alert system similar to that used in the United States. Over there, they use a system of colour coded alerts to 'inform' the public of any likely threat. However, this system actually seems to be used to control the population through fear as well as utilising it for other political gains (like raising it after a Democrat conference, for example). Quite why we need this system here I have no idea. We seemed to cope for many years without it, despite suffering repeated attacks by the IRA. I do not care what the terror threat is, I want to continue about my daily business without having the fear factor rammed down my throat until I become a rabbit in the government's headlights. I have no doubt that Sky News will waste no time putting a permanent graphic on the screen to illustrate how scared we should be, Fox News has certainly used it to great effect.

One way to stop the government from using this new tool would be to refuse to leave the house when the threat is red. Bring the country to a standstill. Then we will see how long the government will continue to use it to manipulate and control the population. Perhaps then, we could control them through fear rather than the other way around.