Monday, April 17, 2006

UK Fights to Protect the Rights of Torturers

Now we see exactly where our government truly stands when it comes to torture. The government is preparing to argue a case next week in the law courts that foreign officials cannot be tried for torture in this country. And who should be leading the fight to appeal against this earlier judgment? Saudi Arabia of course! A vital ally in the 'war on terror' we are surely not going to let them go through the indignity of appearing in court for human rights abuses are we?? The previous ruling stated that, while the state is exempt from claims arising from torture, individual officials who inflict it are not. This ruling itself relates to a case involving Sandy Mitchell, Les Walker and Bill Sampson who claimed they were tortured and forced to admit to a bomb plot in Saudi Arabia.

Once again, we see what our government truly believes in. Supporting essential allies to get what we want, while shitting on the people. This will continue for as long as people are unaware of what the government is doing on our behalf. They will continue to turn a blind eye to torture conducted by our 'friends' in an effort to remain relevant in the modern world. Whether that means supporting rendition flights or refusing to prosecute officials who conduct torture against British citizens, they will still turn a blind eye to human rights abuses.