Sunday, April 16, 2006


One of the bonuses of being off is the chance to revisit your DVD collection. I loved Spaced when it was on TV, it was so different to anything else at the time. It reminded me of my student days!!! Drinking beer, playing Resident Evil or having day long Tekken 2 tournaments....aahh, those were the days!! Anyway, I loved Simon Pegg and Mark Heap when they were in Big Train (an often overlooked sketch show, that was truly funny) and it was natural for me to then like Spaced. It doesn't get talked about so much now, but it certainly set Simon on the way to fame and fortune. The real star, however, was Mark Heap. He is now appearing in Green Wing and is again stealing the show. He kinda reminds me of The Actor Kevin Eldon, a very funny character who buzzes around in the background while others take the credit.

I often think they should make a third series, but then I like the way it is left to two with no imperfections. There are some cracking lines in the show like:

Robot Club Leader: "Welcome to Robot Club. The first rule of Robot Club is: You do not talk about Robot Club. The second rule of Robot Club is: You do not talk abo... wait a minute, I've got that wrong... the second rule is: No Smoking."

Tim: "Why are we not allowed to smoke?"

Mike: "Not supposed to talk about it."


[meeting Brian for the first time]
Daisy: "Do you rent downstairs?"
Brian: "Do you mean, am I gay?"
Daisy: No, no, I meant, are you renting the downstairs flat?"
Brian: "Oh right, yep. Sort of."
Tim: "Are you gay?"
Brian: (Hesitantly) "Noooo...."

Not to mention the chav fight scene, the Resident Evil rip-off and the Bruce Willis/John Travolta scene from Pulp Fiction. To me it is second only to The Office for comedy value. Right, I'm off to get totally 'munted'.