Sunday, February 19, 2006

US Dirty Tactics

Once again the US has a pop at Chavez and his democratically elected government. Trying to portray Venezuela as a 'sidekick' of Iran and thus clearly putting it on the side of the 'enemy'. The Americans would do well to remember that Chavez probably has more legitimacy than Bush to his role of President given his election victory. It is obvious to anyone that the Americans are getting nervous about taking their eyes off their own backdoor. There is a rise in of leaders in South America who take Allende as their inspiration, and rightly so. If ever there was a moment in history that showed the real attitude of the American state towards democracy, it was the assassination of Allende. This was an attempt by the US to put South America back in its place and they enforced this policy through their support of various dictatorial regimes throughout the last forty years. It is no real surprise that now the South Americans have found their voice, the Americans are once again trying to shout them down. Do not be surprised to see this love affair with spreading 'democracy' end very soon with the increasing interference of the US in South American affairs.