Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Abuse of Power

Unbelievably, actors who have appeared in Michael Winterbottom's film The Road to Guantanamo were arrested upon their return at Luton airport. Perhaps this should be no surprise as there have been enough warnings about the road we are being taken down. However, this is not the first time these laws have been abused and you can be certain it will not be the last. More pressure needs to be put upon our politicians not only to have this law repealed as soon as possible, but also to ensure further invasions on our liberty are not permitted. We were told that these laws would not be abused.....THEY LIED. They will lie again and again until we unite and say ENOUGH. Too many people are happy watching crap TV, reading the tabloid press and ignoring the signs of where we are being taken. The time will come when people will say 'I didn't know this would happen'. By then it will be too late.