Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Corporate Watch: Tesco

Thankfully the numbers of people who are beginning to realise the hellish vision of the future that is sponsored by Tesco. Groups around the country are coming together to fight back against this corporate behemoth. Unfortunately, it appears that the British public is only concerned with how much money they save without realising the true cost of shopping at the nation's biggest retailer. This is a company that is destroying the agricultural community in this country by using their muscle power to get the deal they need while financially crippling the producers. I support any action taken against Tesco and I have been boycotting them for 2 years now. With this in mind, I have added a link on the right to Tescopoly who are leading the fight back. From the website you can lobby the government and Tesco to commit to stopping unfair practices, just click the link on the homepage. Join in by changing your shopping habits and telling Tesco to stuff their destructive methods.