Friday, October 05, 2007

Halloween - It's Political Correctness Gone Mad I Tell Yer!

Those pesky Christians are at it again, banning fun. Bastards. From The Guardian:

A Church of England bishop campaigning to rebrand Halloween as a "triumph of good over evil" claimed victory yesterday after two supermarkets agreed to stock less sinister alternatives to the usual monster masks and devil costumes.

Sainsbury's has written to the Rt Rev David Gillett, Bishop of Bolton, saying it will now also sell glowsticks, hair braids and face paints. Its chief executive, Justin King, said he could understand the bishop's worries about the antisocial effects of Halloween products.

At a launch yesterday at Manchester Cathedral to highlight examples of cuter Halloween costumes, Bishop Gillett said he was delighted the church had persuaded supermarkets they had a responsibility to offer choice. He added: "I now hope parents will use their spending power, vote with their baskets and do what they can to show big businesses that we want Halloween to be a more positive festival for people of all ages."

Cuter Halloween costumes? Fuck off. People should be scared shitless. That's the whole point.

Will these do-gooders never learn?? When will there be an end to this political correctness that blights this country? The Christians have already had a pop at a musical that portrays Jesus in a nappy, right-wingers get all politically correct over Israel and now Christians want to make Halloween 'cute'. And do you know what the really funny thing is? They band the phrase 'politically correct' around like it is a left-wing ideology. Priceless.