Friday, October 05, 2007

Bush - Child Killer

I was going to post on this yesterday, but I was otherwise engaged. From The Guardian:

George Bush yesterday used his presidential veto for only the fourth time in seven years to block legislation that would have given health insurance to millions of poor American children.

He announced his opposition to the expansion of an existing insurance programme last month. The exercise of his veto power yesterday isolates the White House on the most pressing domestic issue for many Americans, and puts Mr Bush in conflict with Congress, where there was widespread Republican support for the legislation.

The legislation would have extended health cover to 10 million poor children, and would have cost $60bn (£29.5bn) over the next five years. It had widespread support outside Congress, from state governors and even the health insurance industry.

The White House argued that the programme represented a stealth effort to bring in government health care, and would have extended coverage to middle class families as well as the poor. "This legislation would move health care in this country in the wrong direction," Mr Bush said yesterday. "Under this bill government coverage would displace private health insurance for many children."

Of course, there are far better things to spend tax payers money on, like the murder of thousands of people around the globe. From Colombia to Iraq to Afghanistan, Bush chooses to spend money on death rather than life. Maybe if just a fraction of military spending was re-directed to healthcare, thousands of people's lives might just be saved. But then I guess a fair, decent healthcare system in a capitalist world is beyond the reasoning of man.