Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hain's Apology For Migration Figures: Storm in a Teacup?

The BBC are certainly making a great deal out of this one (so much for multiculturalism). From their website:

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain has apologised after the government admitted 300,000 more immigrants were working in the UK than it first said.

New figures show that the number of foreign nationals employed in the UK since 1997 is 1.1m, not the 800,000 officially recorded.

Mr Hain has written to his Tory shadow Chris Grayling to admit that incorrect figures were given in Commons answers.

Mr Grayling said the admission was "an extraordinary development".

It comes as the government is expected to extend controls on the number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers coming to the UK.

It has been all over their television out put as well. Just one question: so what? These are workers doing jobs that we cannot be arsed to do. Quite frankly, it is about time we abolished border controls altogether and allowed the free movement of people between artificial boundaries. Do you think the Daily Mail might run with that?