Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The BBC - A Left-Wing Organisation?

Right, I am confused. For some time now, I have been led to believe that the BBC was run by a bunch of lefties, determined to eradicate the right-wing and turn the UK into some kind of socialist agenda. For months I have been led to believe that the BBC is pumping out a steady stream of leftie propaganda. For months I have been convinced that the BBC is part of some vast left-wing conspiracy conducted by the mainstream media. And then I switch on BBC Breakfast this morning and, later in the day, I catch this on their website:

Migration 'causes pressure in UK'

Impartial?? Mmmmmm. Thinking I might have got this all wrong, I read on:

Almost every UK region has difficulties in housing, health, education and crime because of increased migration, according to an official report.

The findings are contained in a report drawn up to advise ministers on the social impact of immigration.

The Home Office's Migration Impacts Forum is meeting to discuss the effect of eastern European workers.

On Tuesday, ministers published a review of research showing "clear benefits" to the British economy.

The forum, which sits alongside a separate economist-led body, gathers reports on challenges raised by immigration across the country.

In the opening 16 paragraphs, the underlined passage is the only positive comment on the report. Compare that to the reporting in The Guardian:

Migrants - the verdict: hardworking and skilled but with social problems in tow

The first official government study of the economic impact of the biggest wave of migration to Britain in recent years reaches an overwhelmingly beneficial verdict.

"In recent years migrants have made a more positive contribution to the public finances than native workers; have often been highly skilled and accordingly captured higher labour market rewards," concludes the joint Treasury, Home Office and Work and Pensions study.

"They have very little discernible negative impact on labour market outcomes for native workers."

But the Home Office also published the initial findings last night of regional "soundings" of the impact of east European migrants in Britain. It revealed that in seven out of eight regions they have increased pressure on housing and more than half have seen a rise in crime, health and housing problems.

See what they did there?? The Guardian, although acknowledging the supposed negative impact (although this is mainly down to anecdotal evidence), preferred to focus on the positive aspect of the story. The BBC on the other hand, the so-called defender of a multi-cultural society, preferred to focus on the negative impact of immigration, like the TV version of the Daily Mail. Hardly indicative of a organisation dominated by a left-wing agenda.