Wednesday, June 13, 2007

White House - 'Musharraf's Uniform Is So Last Season'

Nice to see the American government once again getting to the heart of the matter in Pakistan. Some people might see the repeated intrusion of the media (particularly Geo TV) by the government as cause for concern, not so the White House. Apparently of greater concern to the free world is Musharraf's dress sense:

WASHINGTON: The US State Department says General Pervez Musharraf has pledged to take off his uniform if he is to continue in political life and the US takes him at his word.

Answering a question on Monday, spokesman Sean McCormack said, “You’ve mentioned the uniform issue. I know that he has pledged to make that choice and to – if he continues in political life, to put aside the uniform. And we take him at his word at that and we would expect him to follow through on his commitments.”

Yeah, because a military uniform makes American intentions in the region just a little too obvious. It's just not the kind of uniform one expects in a franchise state, is it?