Friday, June 22, 2007

Mad Mel - Lock Her Up...NOW!!!

Two classics from Mad Mel. Firstly she rants on about Global Warming concluding that:

If I were part of the man-made global warming ‘consensus’, right now I’d be fingering my professional collar.

Mmm, I think the only fingering going on would involve Phillips and fantasies about John Howard, but I digress. What she base this on? Why the work of one R. Timothy Patterson, a man with links to ExxonMobil (click the link on his name, it's all there). Oh dear, not the best source is it? A company that has actively tried to promote the idea that man-made climate change is a myth (I wonder what Mel is being paid??).

However, she does get one thing right. Referring to the UN she claims:

Until and unless the UN is acknowledged to be a cartel of tyrannies and rogue states which winks at terror, and is replaced by a United Democratic Nations which really does promote human rights rather than double standards and corruption, the chances of peace and justice in the world remain vanishingly small.

Is she really referring to the US as a tyranny, or a rogue state. One can only assume she is as, so far as double standards are concerned, the US is light years ahead of the rest. I for one support her call to acknowledge the UN is a cartel of tyrannies, how can anyone dispute that with the evidence put before us?