Saturday, June 23, 2007

Democrats Support School of Americas Funding

Hat-tip to Ten Percent for this one:

214 Members of Congress missed the chance to stand up for human rights, justice and democracy, and voted to keep the funding for the SOA/WHINSEC flowing.

The WHINSEC PR machine and high-ranking Pentagon officials used taxpayer money to put a lot of pressure on Members of Congress.

Tens of thousands of emails, faxes and calls flooded the halls of Congress over the past three days. Students, clergy, union members and veterans travelled to DC and visited with hundreds of Congressional offices to communicate clearly that there is no room for institutions like the SOA/WHINSEC in our future.

Thanks to the support of a few Democrats, the funding will continue. From IndyBay:

On 6/21/07, 42 Democrats voted No on the McGovern Amendment which would have cut off funding to the torture school formerly known as the School of Americas (Assassins), now known as Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). 6 more votes were needed to pass it. All Reds and Greens would certainly have voted Yes and that is what makes Reds and Greens viable.

The vote was 203 Yes, 214 No, 1 voting "Present" and 19 Not Voting. For more on the torture and murder training camp courtesy our tax dollars in Fort Benning, Georgia to train torturers and murderers of workers and peasants in Latin America who try to organize for a better life, see the School of Assassins Watch website at:

The roll call vote may be found at:

and the list of House of Representative Democrats voting No may be found below. Strangely, House Speaker Pelosi is not found on any list, not even present.

List of Shameful Democrats, demonstrating utter bankruptcy of Democratic Party majority, one of many lists of shame:

  • Abercrombie, Neil, Hawaii
  • Barrow, John, Georgia
  • Bishop, Sanford D. Georgia
  • Boren, Dan, Oklahoma
  • Cardoza, Dennis, California
  • Carney, Christopher, Pennsylvania
  • Castor, Kathy, Florida
  • Clyburn, James, South Carolina
  • Cooper, James, Tennessee
  • Costa, James, California
  • Cuellar, Henry, Texas
  • Dingell, John, Michigan
  • Edwards, Chet, Texas
  • Gonzalez, Charles, Texas
  • Gordon, Bart, Tennessee
  • Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie, South Dakota
  • Jefferson, William, Louisiana
  • Johnson, E.B., Texas
  • Klein, Ron, Florida
  • Lampson, Nick, Texas
  • Mahoney, Tim, Florida
  • Marshall, James, Georgia
  • Matheson, James, Utah
  • McIntyre, Michael, North Carolina
  • Meek, Kendrick, Florida
  • Miller., Brad, North Carolina
  • Murphy, Patrick, Pennsylvania
  • Murtha, John, Pennsylvania
  • Perlmutter, Ed, Colorado
  • Peterson, Colin, Minnesota
  • Reyes, Silvestre, Teaxs
  • Rodriguez, Ciro, Texas
  • Ross, Michael, Arkansas
  • Ruppersberger, Dutch, Maryland
  • Sestak, Joseph, Pennsylvania
  • Skelton, Ike, Missouri
  • Space, Zachary, Ohio
  • Spratt, John, South Carolina
  • Tanner, John, Tennessee
  • Taylor, Gene, Mississippi

Present: Christensen, Donna, US Virgin Islands
Not Voting: Bordallo, Madeline, Guam
Costello, Jerry, Illinois
Cramer, Robert, Alabama
Johnson, Henry, Georgia
Meehan, Marty, Massachusetts
Melancon, Charles, Louisiana
Napolitano, Grace, California
Ortiz, Solomon, Texas
Rangel, Charles, New York
Sanchez, Loretta, California
Scott, David, Georgia
Weiner, Anthony, New York

If your representative is listed above, write them an email and ask them why they voted in support of WHINSEC.