Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fox Just Made It Personal

I saw the Fox news obit of Kurt Vonnegut over at Crooks&Liars. It is a hateful hit piece.
They lie about the number of dead in Dresden (25,000 as opposed to the 100,000 plus), they laugh at Kurt’s suicide attempt, yep, real nice motherfuckers. They call him rich and irrelevant playing the old -if you’re such a lefty how come you’re not poor? Kurt shared his money, adopted his sister's children when she died and freely gave away his skills to struggling artists who asked for help. They reduce his work to ‘left wing screeds’ and show nothing of his criticisms of the Bush crime family instead calling his work 'despondent leftism', clearly being unable to understand humanism and empathy. An utter piece of lying bitter Nazi garbage, by James Rosen and John Podhertz.

I used to just ignore the idiocy of Fox news, but now Fox, I wish you ill.