Monday, April 16, 2007

Exterminate All Altruistic Thought

In the past month there have been three studies that show humans tend toward fairness, altruism and cooperation.

First via Lenin was a study that showed:-

People taking part in a game designed to explore egalitarian impulses in human nature consistently robbed from players assigned the most money while giving money to those with the least, scientists said on Wednesday.

James Fowler, a University of California at San Diego political scientist, and his fellow researchers detected what they saw as a "Robin Hood impulse" in people who took part in the experiment, described in the journal Nature.

About 70 percent of participants at some point reduced or added to another person's money, most often by taking from the richest players or by donating to the poorest players, the study found.

Then again at Lenin & Ernie Halfdram

About half of Americans advocate heavy taxation of the rich in order to redistribute wealth, a higher percentage than was the case in 1939. More generally, a large majority of Americans support the principle that wealth should be more evenly distributed in America, and an increasing number -- although still a minority -- say there are too many rich people in the country. Attitudes toward heavy taxes on the rich are strongly related to one's own income, and Democrats are much more likely to be in favor of income redistribution than are Republicans.

All backed up by the revelations of Adam Curtis's 'The Trap' where games designed to show people would fuck each over actually found all the secretaries at Rand the experiments were performed on cooperated, helping each other to achieve mutually desired goals.

What contemporary capitalism is presenting as the natural order is actually not, it's a complete con-trick put forward by people who most benefit from a dog eat dog illusion of society while they sit back and get quietly richer enabled by their bought and paid for politician chums. Maybe it's time to sharpen up my archery skills.