Sunday, March 18, 2007

Muslims and Jews Build Bridges

Good to see some positive news in today's Observer regarding the Muslim community. According to the paper:

Britain's leading Muslim organisation will tomorrow signal a radical shift in its position when one of its senior members addresses a Jewish audience for the first time.

This is indeed good news. Inayat Bunglawala, the assistant general secretary of the MCB, said:

'It is crucial that we do not allow the Israel-Palestine conflict to hamper good and productive relations between Muslims and Jews in the UK.'

The move was welcomed by Rabbi Julie Neuberger, who said:

'I have always felt Jews and Muslims are much more like each other than Christians in the way they approach their faith. To Jews and Muslims, their faith is much more a way of life.'

In light of the constant demonisation of Muslims by the media, it is a welcome move to see them openly develop ties with the Jewish community. It is also welcome to hear talk of the MCB revising its position on Holocaust Memorial Day, particularly as it has done little to change some peoples opinions of Islam. Still, I'm sure there are those on the right that will still find fault with these efforts to unite two communities that actually have much on common.