Monday, March 19, 2007

Mugabe Opponent Beaten At Airport

Not content with having one opponent beaten, Mugabe has now set upon having another opposition MP beaten. Nelson Chamisa was beaten at Harare airport, on his way to fly to Brussels. From The Guardian:

Mr Chamisa, 28, spoke to the Guardian from hospital where he was awaiting surgery late yesterday. Doctors said he may lose an eye from the assault, which took place in front of frightened travellers.

"Just as I was about to enter the door of the departure area, eight men jumped me and began hitting me with iron bars. I just fell to the ground," said Mr Chamisa. "Nobody is safe in Zimbabwe. There is no security, no rule of law. I am praying for my country."

Pearson Mangofa, an opposition MP who drove Mr Chamisa to the airport, said his assailants shoved away passengers who tried to help him. The men grabbed Mr Chamisa's passport, bags and laptop computer before speeding off in two cars, one without a licence plate.

Seven of them wore suits while one wore an army vest. Mr Mangofa said the attack bore the hallmarks of Zimbabwe's domestic spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation.

Thankfully, there are signs of change. Morgan Tsvangirai claimed that:

"Things are bad, but I think that this crisis has reached a tipping point and we could see the beginning of the end of this dictatorship."

Let's hope so. For the sake of those suffering under state repression.