Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wal-Mart Update

Dear Friend,

Here we go again.
Just last week, the state of Wisconsin launched an investigation into charges that Wal-Mart fraudulently puts the organic label on products that don't meet USDA standards for these sorts of items. It's another example of how Wal-Mart says one thing and does another.

Surprise, surprise.

Wal-Mart's dishonesty hurts consumers, suppliers, and investors who believed Wal-Mart's hype that they were moving into the growing market for organic food. And it's not just Wisconsin -- this sort of shell game could be happening in your own back yard.
It's time to stop them -- and that's where you come in.
We've identified the person at the USDA who handles product marketing and has the power to launch a nation-wide investigation of Wal-Mart. She can help us get to the bottom of this, but we have to get her attention first. Let her know that Wal-Mart's organics program is all sizzle and no steak:

Whether you shop organic or not, this issue matters to you. Time and again, Wal-Mart says one thing and then does another. To them "standards" and "customer care" are nothing more than a PR smokescreen -- all that really matters is profit, and that's why we have to stay vigilant.
When we released the Chambers memo we proved that Wal-Mart executives know their healthcare plan isn't affordable to a large portion of employees. When we identified the hired PR guns running a fake "grassroots" campaign on the web, it became clear that Wal-Mart has to pay people to support the company.

It's time to take action again and pressure the USDA to look into Wal-Mart's organic labeling and get the truth that we all deserve. Take a moment to read up on the case and send an email here:

As the new executive director of Wal-Mart Watch, I am determined to bring change to America's largest retailer. Your support and commitment is the only way we can make that possible.

Thank you,

David Nassar

Executive Director