Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hicks in Shocking Condition

The shocking picture on the right is an artists impression of David Hicks, based on descriptions provided by his lawyers after visiting. Hicks' state is clearly disturbing and highlight the very real concerns about his welfare in the notorious camp. Hicks has been moved into a new extension of the camp, called Camp Six (built at a cost of $37 million). According to The Age:

His new cell inside the Camp Six concrete fortress — described in a legal claim by another detainee as being like a Nazi camp — was fully enclosed, with no windows or natural light. Hicks had seen the sun only three times since early December, he told his lawyers. He was locked up for 22 hours a day with no access to other prisoners, his meals were passed into his cell and he saw other detainees — most of whom did not speak English — during randomly timed shower and recreation periods, sometimes late at night or early in the morning.

His Adelaide based lawyer, David McLeod, added:

"He has had an obviously physical deterioration since we had last seen him. His mental state is very despondent and very despairing. He is grasping for anything that would give him hope and he reacted very warmly to the knowledge that the Australian public had rallied to his support."

Clearly, Hicks' conditions has worsened and his situation is becoming increasingly desperate. This is not acceptable in a civilised society. The behaviour of the US and Australian governments is an absolute disgrace. As long as Guantanamo continues to exist, we are providing all the propaganda that is needed to cement anti-Western sentiment. Click on the label for David Hicks to learn more.