Tuesday, January 30, 2007

US Admits Israel May Have Mis-Used Cluster Bombs

Although it comes from a preliminary report, the American government have conceded that Israel may have violated terms regarding the use of cluster bombs. From The Guardian:

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack would not provide details of the report, which was classified.

But he told reporters the department had made a preliminary finding "that there may - likely could have been some violations'' of the agreement by which Israel purchased the weapons from the U.S. He would not specify what those agreements were.

When Israel purchases cluster bombs and other lethal equipment from the United States, it must agree in writing to restrictions on their use.

The report, McCormack said, "is not a final judgment.'' He declined to speculate on what action may be taken against Israel if a violation is confirmed.

Since the end of hostilities in Lebanon, 16 civilians have died and 100 injured as a result of cluster bombs. Cluster bombs that were provided by the American government. The American and Israeli governments must take responsibility for any civilian deaths or injuries as a result of the use of these munitions.

Despite the admission by the US, it would seem highly unlikely that the American government would publicly berate Israel for their indiscriminate use of these weapons. More likely, the findings will be buried away with little or no public comment. Meanwhile, the Lebanese will continue to have their lives blighted by the daily threat posed by these weapons. No wonder the people are fighting back.