Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Fear of the Establishment

An interesting headline on the front page of today's Financial Times, as well as on their website:

Interesting terminology, I'm sure you'll agree. The dictionary definition of 'seize' is:

seize vb. To take by force and capture.

And yet, as I scanned through the article, I found no reference to any forceful seizure of either telecoms or utilities. And yet, this fits in perfectly with the capitalist view of Chavez. As a former military man, it is easy for the capitalist media to portray him as a military-style dictator, no matter how many elections he wins. As the establishment continue to beat the drum to the sound of outrage, it will be acceptable to view Chavez as nothing more than a dictator.

The truth of the matter is that Chavez is taking back control of Venezuelan services for the people. No longer will the utilities be controlled by foreign corporations out to make a quick buck from the people of this South American country. Instead, it will be run by the Venezuelan people for the Venezuelan people. No wonder the establishment is scared.