Sunday, December 17, 2006

US Backed Groups Force Fresh Elections in Palestine

Ever since the election of a Hamas led government, the US has been eager to paralyse the government and force change. Unsurprisingly, the US government has welcomed the announcement of fresh elections, called for by Mahmoud Abbas. Surely, it is only a matter of days before the US, and Europe, starts making enticing promises to the Palestinian people.

The US have made no secret of their attempts to destabilise a democratically elected government. No sooner had Hamas been elected, than the US and Europe cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, leading to an undoubtedly dire situation in Palestine. As a direct result of this policy, people have died, sanitation is under threat and 2.4 million Palestinians live under the poverty line. And yet, Condoleeza Rice was vocal in her support of this policy. It is undeniable that the US, along with her allies, have been instrumental in destroying the Palestinian government. The latest development, has emerged after the recent assassination attempt on Ismail Haniya.

Fatah have been involved in many recent attacks on Hamas, including an attack at a Hamas rally and the murder of a judge sympathetic to Hamas. These attacks are part of the campaign by the US government to destabilise Hamas. Back in October, it was revealed that the US had increased aid to opponents of Hamas. It had transpired, that this 'aid' was actually being used to purchase military equipment and train opposition forces. What we are now seeing is the end result of this policy. Opponents armed by the US are committing various acts of violence to force the situation that is now developing, that of renewed elections. What will come next will be the promise of further aid to the Palestinian people if they choose the 'right path' by voting for candidates that the US deem acceptable. Once more, it is clear that while the US preaches democracy, they are still more interested in installing US friendly franchises through whatever means necessary. If that means ignoring the democratic will of the people, so be it.