Friday, December 29, 2006

Increase in Developments in West Bank

Haaretz today reports that there has been a huge rise in settlers placing mobile homes and trailers in the West Bank. Despite Ohlmert's statements that outposts are being dismantled, some 200 mobile homes have been placed there since the end of the war with Lebanon. According to Haaretz:

Since the beginning of the month, nearly 90 trailers were placed illegally in the West Bank. A Defense Ministry aerial survey found new mobile homes in illegal outposts such as Givat Assaf, near Beit El, and Amona, near Ofra. Some of the new mobile homes were also placed in veteran settlements.

Despite some harsh words by the US administration, it is very unlikely that they will demand that Israel halts the building of settlements in the West Bank. In fact, it is very unlikely that anything will be done to counter-act this rapid development in the West Bank. Little wonder the Palestinians feel so aggrieved.