Friday, December 29, 2006

B'Tselem Releases 2006 Report

B'Tselem have released their annual statistics on the Occupied Territories. According to the report, Israeli security forces have killed 660 Palestinians in 2006. This figure includes a total of 141 minors and 322 people killed who were not involved in the hostilities. In total, since the beginning of the intifada, the statistics are as follows:

Palestinians killed: 4,005
Minors killed: 811
Civilians not involved in hostilities: 1920

On the Israeli side, 17 civilians were killed in 2006 and of these only 1 was a minor. The Palestinians killed 6 members of the Israeli security forces.

The statistics speak for themselves. What is truly shocking is the amount of children murdered by Israeli security forces. The murder of one child is a disgrace, 141 children is a crime against humanity. Still, the corrupt Israeli government have got away with it so far, what's to say that they will not continue to escape justice when the most powerful force in the world is their strongest ally.

Further reading: B'Tselem's report.