Monday, November 20, 2006

Egyptian Authorities Arrest Blogger

An Egyptian blogger who has written posts that are critical of the Egyptian government, has been arrested in Cairo. Rami Siyam was detained along with three friends after leaving the house of a fellow blogger late at night. Although the police have not confirmed the reasons for his detention, it is undoubtedly a response to his criticisms.

This arrest is the latest in a long line of measures taken against bloggers around the world. Although action has been confined to largely oppressive regimes, it won't be long before Western governments start cracking down on the freedoms enjoyed by bloggers. Now is not the time to sit on our hands and shrug our shoulders. Now is the time to take action and stand up for the freedoms that many wish to suppress through whatever measures they deem necessary. To this end, I suggest you click on the link in my sidebar and visit To date, 55275 people have signed the pledge, but this is nowhere near enough. Whatever your views, whether you are a political blogger or a personal blogger, it is essential that you stand up for the values that you enjoy. Or else, government oppression will continue to silence the masses.