Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Victory for the Nutty Christian Lobby

Once again the Chrstian lobby has managed to utilise the media to great effect. Nadia Eweida, the woman who has been hawking her story around in her misguided crusade, has forced BA to review their policy towards the cross. But then they never had a policy about the cross anyway. The whole point was that BA staff are not allowed to wear visible jewellery in the workplace. The Christian lobby must congratulate themselves that they have turned this into an issue about religious discrimination.

This is just another example in a long line of attempts by a few Christian fanatics to dominate debate in this country. They seem to be succceeding at an alarming rate. There has barely been a dissenting voice as the tribal tub thumping has gathered pace. I can't remember hearing a single person saying 'Hang on a minute, isn't this simply about jewellery?' There are very clear signs that there are many on the religious right who have learned the tactics of their American cousins. Meanwhile, others in the right provide covering fire by continuing their absurd attacks on Islam. With sleight of hand, they wish to turn us into an American style theocracy. Eweida has shown how easy it is to manipulate the media behind this Christian usurpation. This is not the end of their attempts to dominate the news agenda, of that we can be sure.