Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Republican Party - The Beginning of the End of Bu$h Corp?

Soft on terror, racist, complicit in war crimes, responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 people, condemned by a journalist who was once close to the White House and now a Republican has been found out for sending explicit emails to teenage boys. Dark days indeed for Bu$h Corp, but bright days for those who wish to see an end to this blight upon the world. It is only a shame that instead of being punished for the laughable 'war on terror', they are being punished for things that almost seem trivial by comparison. Can anyone now seriously consider voting for the GOP? The world crosses its fingers (apart from a few loony right-wingers and good old Osama of course).

Yes the loonies of the right will continue to bang their drums, but as each day passes they become nothing more than a joke with their ridiculous denials and pathetic lies. But then, that has been the dominant factor in recent years - right-wing lies and denials. If I could send one message to the American people before the elections it would be this:

Kick out the vile, racist, lying, self-interested, minor abusing, murdering war criminals - the world is relying on you.