Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Republican Party - Tough on Terror, Not so Good on Racism

I have been a bit slow on this story, it has been widely covered in the American press and many blogs. However, it has not received much attention over here. George Allen is a Republican senator seeking re-election this year. It transpires that he is a bit of a racist. At a recent talk Allen gave, he referred to an African American at the rally as a macaca. I'm sure you don't need me to explain what a macaca is. Fortunately for the American people this insult was caught on video and the Republican party has once again been exposed for what it really is.

He has also been accused, by those that knew him at college, of saying that he wanted to play football in a place where 'blacks knew there place' and he also used the 'n-word' on a 'regular basis'. And that isn't the last of the accusations thrown at Allen. I for one hope that this despicable man gets thrown out of office come the November elections, it is nothing less than he deserves.

For more comprehensive coverage: Reality-Based Educator 1,2,3.