Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BBC Responds to Lack of Coverage of Chemical Explosives

Below is the response I received via email to my complaint about the lack of coverage related to the incident in Burnley:


Thank you for your e-mail regarding BBC News.

I understand you were disappointed a new chemical find was not reported by BBC News recently. The choice of news stories to report in our programmes is frequently very difficult. Editorial staff always have more news reports than can be fitted into the time available. Their choice has to be selective and no matter how carefully such decisions are made, they are always aware that some people may disagree with them.

Please keep in mind however that you can contact the following BBC Department with any potential news stories you may have. The address is:

BBC News Gathering
Room 401
Bush House
PO Box76

Home news: uknewsplan@bbc.co.uk
Foreign news: worldnewsplan@bbc.co.uk

Nevertheless, please be assured I have registered your comments regarding this issue and have made them available to the BBC News Department and the senior BBC management. Feedback of this nature helps us when making decisions about future BBC programmes and your comment will play a part in this process.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact the BBC.


Adam Sims
BBC Information

Emphasis mine.