Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Rise of Evangelical Indoctrination

While the right-wing focus their fire on muslims, a very real threat to our safety and security is going unnoticed. Religious fundamentalism isn't just restricted to a small group of Islamicists, it runs deep in the Christian faith as well. And this particular brand of religious extremism can be found in all levels of political life in the US. Evangelical Christians have slowly but surely been laying the foundations for their domination of US politics (thanks to the election of one of their number). Of course, the right barely acknowledge this because they provide a huge base of support for the Republican party. Everything you read or hear about the preachings of radical Islamic teachers, can easily be applied to the Evangelicals. They are a threat to our way of life and yet the right-wing refuse to condemn them in the same way as muslims. Below is a clip from the film Jesus Camp, it provides a scary insight into the rising Christian extremism that we all need to be aware of