Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Truth Behind the BBC Misleading Viewers

It has come to my attention on the anti-BBC sites that they have mis-quoted several aspects of the report. In fact, one of the websites is now trying to present the report as bias, despite the fact that the chair of the report worked for John Major. For those still in doubt about what is misleading about BBC coverage, here is a paragraph from the report:

'[The BBC] presents an incomplete and in that sense misleading picture.

5.10 More specifically, these shortcomings include:

a) deficiencies in output: given that the BBC has more news airtime and resources than any other UK broadcaster and probably more than any other European broadcaster there were several deficiencies in the broadcast news output. These included an absence of historical background and deficiencies in the provision of other contexts (such as the role of the wider Middle East in the conflict), and insufficient analysis and interpretation of some important events and issues, including shifts in Palestinian society, opinion and politics. There was little reporting of the difficulties faced by the Palestinians in their daily lives. Equally in the months preceding the Palestinian elections there was little hard questioning of their leaders. The broader themes covered in current affairs programmes only partly offset these shortcomings'

So there you go, bias in favour of the Israelis in some cases - not always in favour of the Palestinians, as some BBC haters would have you believe.