Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Plan Revealed

Back in 1979 a plan was formed to ensure the public would not turn to a left-wing government in the event of disenchantment with the newly formed right-wing government. The plan involved many subtle measures that no-one would dare to believe.

Attendees at the meeting included representatives from the media, big business, MI5 and highly placed civil servants. The plan was simple, yet devious. The representatives from the media agreed to act as an anaesthetic for the population. Their role was to distract the public through celebrity gossip and fashion whilst also promoting sterile, inoffensive entertainment (films, music etc). They also placed many writers who could produce extreme right-wing messages so as to convince the pulic that they are actually living under a left-wing government. When the internet became a major opinion maker, they adapted and paid many writers to produce extreme opinion on various web pages (see Biased BBC and USS Neverdock, amongst others). Essentially, the belief was that by presenting views far to the right of government policy, people would believe that they were living under a moderate or left-wing government, whereas the opposite was true.

Big Business planned to accelerate the pace of innovation, finding new ways to distract the general populace. This, in turn, would turn the vast majority of the population into consumers as opposed to voters. They deduced that if, on average, 70-80% of the population were to become loyal consumers, they would be able to maintain the status quo.

Finally, they needed someone to infiltrate (and finally, lead) a socialist party. Someone who could play the media game and be pliable to the needs of big business. After much searching, they found Anthony Blair and the plan was complete.

So there you have it. They are all in it together. All trying to keep you from discovering the truth. Even those right-wing bloggers who come out with some utter garbage, are foot soldiers of the establishment. Playing their part to make it seem like we are living under a left-wing government so the powers that be can pull the strings, unnoticed in the background.

Of course, this didn't really happen........